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Aircraft in Action


Air-to-Surface Missile (Guided)

An Indian Navy IL-38SD releases a Kh-35 AShM (AS-20 Kayak). The IN has always been careful to avoid publicity of its cruise missile arsenal.

Su-30MKI Flanker launches KH-31 (NATO: AS-17 Krypton) cruise missile

Su-30MKI launches a KH-31 air to surface missle (ASM). It is a cruise missile with a range of 110 kilometres (60 nmi) or more and capable of Mach 3.5.

PS Chopra/Bharat Rakshak

IAF Chetak fires off a Matra Milan ATGM. Apart from the Mi-25/35s these versatile aircraft have traditionally tasked with the Anti tank role.

Indian Navy Seaking [IN528] unleashes a pair of deadly Sea Eagle AShMs.

Air-to-Air Missile (AAM)

IAF Mirage-2000H Super-530D

Mirage-2000H test fires BVR Super 530D AAM.

Pakistan Navy Atlantique being shot down

[10th Aug 1999] HUD camera photo from the MiG-21 that shot down an intruding Pakistan Navy reconnaissance plane. The missile is seen rushing to the port engine of the Atlantique. (More pics)

Courtsey Bharat Rakshak

A frame by frame capture of a Matra Magic-II AAM leaving the over-wing rail of a Jaguar IS. The over wing arrangement saves one hardpoint on each for carrying ordnance, but the resulting airflow puts strain on the tail surface.

Flt. Lt. Karumbaya fires a R-23 (NATO: AA-7 Apex AAM off the coast of Bombay. This medium-range air-to-air missile developed by the Soviet Union for fighter aircraft was commonly deployed with MiG-23s.

Photo: Wg Cdr AP Mote



IAF Fire Power Demo 2007. MiG-27MLs swoop in with retarded bombs.

Sqn. Ldr. Dhar drops eight thousand-pounder retarder-bombs on the practice range. The bombs are slowed down by small parachutes inorder to getaway give time to the attacker.

Photo: Wg Cdr AP Mote

Su-30MKI unloads sixteen FAB-100s in the IAF fire power display. Ex Vayu Shakti 2004.

A jaguar drops two BL-755 cluster bombs on a fake target during Exercise Vayu Shakti 2004 at Pokhran, Rajasthan. Each bomb contains seven compartments each having twenty one sub munitions - a total of 147 bomblets. (14 March 2004)

Prakash Singh (AFP)


Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv - naval variant drops a torpedo

Prototype of the Naval variant of the HAL Dhruv test fires a torpedo.


Mig-21Bis [C2323] fires its internal Gsh-23 cannon. This Machine Gun fires 23 mm slugs.

Air-to-Surface Rockets

An IAF Mi-17 unleashes rockets during training in the desert. The aircraft is also equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun.

The Mi-8/17 series is known to be extremely reliable and can withstand a lot punishment.

Photo:Peter Steinmann (Touching the Sky)

Ex Divya Astra - MiG-21 unleashes a salvo of 57 MM rockets

HAL Lancer - a derivative of the Cheetah helicopter (license produced Lama by HAL) fires a rocket. Light Attack Helicopter (LAH) Lancer was the first armed helicopter to enter service with the Indian Army Aviation Corps and was soon utilised in COIN operations.

Courtsey 'Cybersurg' Shiv

MiG-21M from the 17 Sqn Golden Arrows fires 57 mm rockets at the Sidhwan Khas ("SK") range of Halwara Air Base, Western Air Command. The SK Range, a dedicated air to ground range is located 30 kms west of Ludhiana in Punjab.

Sainik Samachar

MiG-21 fires a air-to-ground S-24 rocket during Ex Divya Astra.

A Mi-17 fires rockets on Pakistani positions during Op Safedsagar (Kargil 1999). The entire nation was jolted when these pictures were splashed in the front pages. One Mi-17 was shot down by shoulder fired missiles, killing all four on board.

Let this photo be a reminder of the glorious past of India's armed forces.

MiG-23BN from the No. 220 Squadron Desert Tigers fires 57 mm rockets.

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