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Photofeature: Cockpits



IAF Jaguar DARIN-II upgraded cockpit

Cockpit of the latest DARIN-II upgrade by HAL (Aeroindia 2007)

© B Harry, ACIG.org

The only photo of an IAF Mirage-2000H cockpit available on the Internet. Photo taken in Mauritius when the IAF detachment was staging thru the country for Ex Golden Eagle in South Africa.

© Jacques Gentil [www.maufox.net]

MiG-21FL [C1171]. Note rearview mirror and radar display. Entire canopy hinged in the front.

© Simon Watson [Bharat Rakshak]

MiG-21Bis. Ergonomics are somewhat better than the FL. Note sideways opening canopy and less bulky radar display.

MiG-21 Bison - the latest generation. Note single MFD, HUD and RWR display.

© Simon Watson

Another view of the Bison cockpit

© Jagan Pillarisetti [Bharat Rakshak]

Schematic of the upgraded MiG-27ML by HAL. Overall layout is similar to the MiG-21 Bison.

IAF MiG-27ML upgrade cockpit

MiG-27ML [S/N: TS640] was the first of the type to receive a major upgrade in IAF.

Su-30. Difficult to tell which variant. The HUD repeater indicates that it is the WSO seat.

Su-30MKI front and rear cockpit close-up. Some conventional dials have been for backup.

Courtsey Kapil Chandni

MiG-29S [KB3118] displayed at Airshow at Mumbai. Everything looks 'normal' except for the LCD on the left, probably a RWR display. The only IAF MiG-29 cockpit photo on the Internet.

© Aadil Desai

A pilot of the No.47 Sqn Black Archers photographed with an early version of the Helmet Mounted Sight (HMS). The off boresight capability was a unique feature of the MiG-29 in the entire subcontinent, before the arrival of the Su-30. Since then MiG-21 (Bison) and even the Mirage-2000 has been equipped with a HMS. Soon the Indian Navy Harriers will be upgraded with s similar system.


IAF upgraded Mi-35

Pilot of a upgraded Mi-35. Cockpit upgrades pilot night vision goggles (NVG) with flight data displayed on one eye piece, a digital moving map, rearrangement of the fore and aft cockpits. Cockpit lighting is NVG compatible. The HMOSP and the 12.7mm four-barrel machine gun are slaved to the pilot's line of sight.

Courtsey Frontierindia.net

Indian Army ALH Dhruv [IA1105] displayed at Defexpo 2004, New Delhi

HAL proposes to provide a fully glass cockpit with three large MFDs, reducing pilot effort. Currently HAL's own Dhruvs are fitted out with this configuration, and have been displayed to possible export customers like Chile.

A schematic of the ALH Dhruv cockpit identifying the prominent instruments.

© Autocar India Sep 2005

IAF Cheetah

Indian Navy Chetak


Dornier Do-228

Dornier Do-228. This light aircraft is assembled by HAL and is in service with the IAF and Coast Guard.

BSF Embraer Legacy 135BJ Cokcpit 117 - 32 KB

Glass cockpit of the newly inducted Embraer Legacy 135BJ VIP aircraft. These advanced aircaft were formally inducted into IAF and BSF Air Wing on 20 Sep 2005.

© Deccan Herald

An-32 Sutlej

A flight cadet trains to on a Hs748 Avro.


HJT-16 Mk-II Kiran. This is a Suryakirans aircraft photographed at Bangkok, Thailand in 2004 when the aerobatic team was on tour in the region. Kirans have a side-by-side arrangement for the pilots.

© Poowin Bunyavejchewin [Airliners.net]

Sqn Ldr tyagi prepares his Iskra [W1741] for its last flight in IAF service. The retirement ceremony was conducted in Dec 2004 at Hakimpet.

© Jagan Pillarisetti [Bharat Rakshak]

National Aerospace Labs' (NAL) Hansa [VT-HNS] light trainer at the IIT Kanpur hangar. This Indian designed and built aircraft is purely civilian and not is not expected to enter military service.

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